WHISKY TOURS: walking in Edinburgh or driving to distilleries. Starts from Usquabe (walking tour) or your hotel (driving tour).


What is whisky? Why is it so important in Scotland? How did it become the global giant that it is? How should you drink it? What juicy parts of our history does it appear in? We will answer all these questions and much more on our whisky tours, whether it be a walking whisky tour in Edinburgh where we visit different venues, or get out of Edinburgh to visit nearby distilleries on a day trip, or even further afield for multi day tours to Speyside, Islay, Campbeltown, the Highlands or Lowlands.

On the whisky walking tour in Edinburgh New Town you will visit specialist whisky bars and local pubs where you will try 5-6 whiskies included in the price and the tour. This is currently a private tour where we require a minimum of 2 people. The tours start from Usquabae on Hope Street at 1.00pm unless otherwise stated and lasts 2.5-3 hours. Cost is £49pp ,so £98 for two people and £49pp thereafter.

For the whisky driving tours to distilleries we offer a day trip to the Highlands or the Lowlands and in between stops your guide will go more in depth to the history and cultural significance of whisky as well we seeing some great sights along the way where you will have the chance to stop for photos of some iconic Scottish views. Also, in between distillery visits we will stop at great local pubs where you can try local beers or whisky with some lunch.


Highlands whisky driving tours. Visit two Highland distilleries, one for a tour, one for a tasting and then a whisky specialist shop or pub where you can try whisky or beer with lunch (2 beers or one whisky included in price but lunch at own cost). The base price to cover transportation, guiding, distillery tours and tastings for the first 3 people price is £495 total in total (£165pp) with a minimum of three required to book) and £90 pp thereafter up to a maximum of 7 people. The tour leave between 8-8.30am depending on where you are staying aim to return for 5-6pm.

Lowland Whisky driving tours. Visit the original abbey where whisky was made for a tour, then have lunch in a gastro pub where you can try more whisky or a local beer flight (beer flight or 1 whisky included in tour price but lunch at own cost) then visit another distillery for a tour or tasting or visit a specialist whisky shop for a tutored tasting. The base price to cover transportation, guiding, distillery tours and tastings for the first 3 people is £450 (£150pp) with a minimum of 3 people required to book and £60pp thereafter up to a maximum of 7 people. This tour leaves at approx 9am and aims to return for 5-6pm.


* For the distillery tours you will perhaps be joined by others as these tours are public, but for extra fees you can arrange private tours.






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