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What is whisky? Why is it so important in Scotland? How did it become the global giant that it is? How should you drink it? What juicy parts of our history does it appear in? We will answer all these questions and much more on our whisky tours to visit nearby distilleries on a day trip to the Highlands, Lowlands or a combination of both, or even further afield for multi day tours to Speyside, Islay or Campbeltown. If you have some favourote distilleries you would like to visit we will do what we can and you'll be spending time with our in house whisky geek, Will, who used to work for a whisky magazine, is an avid whisky drinker and collector and is all round obsessed with whisky.

On our whisky driving tours we set a base price for the tour and let you choose which type of experience you want at distilleries and charge accordingly or let you book direct with them. This allows you to get the experience you want without being on a cookie-cutter type tour. if you are starting out your whisky journey perhaps you want to join a general distillery tour to find out more, or perhaps you are further along and want private tasting sessions is distillery warehouses or to have a private tour with the manager. Let us know what you want and we will do what we can to make it happen. Also, there might be some whisky treats supplied by WIll from his own collection for you to try based on the type of whisky you are into.

For the whisky driving tours to distilleries we offer a day trip to the Highlands or the Lowlands and in between stops your guide will go more in depth to the history and cultural significance of whisky as well we seeing some great sights along the way where you will have the chance to stop for photos of some iconic Scottish views. Also, in between distillery visits we will stop at great local pubs where you can try local beers or whisky with some lunch.


Highlands whisky driving tours. Renowned for their rich whiskies, finished in bourbon and sherry casks the Highlands give us lots of notes of dried fruits, Christmas cake, cinnamon and  spice in their whiskies which are perfect for the surrounds you find yourself in. We can visit two distilleries in a day and we can suggest  places to suit your tastes. Places we commonly visit are Glengoyne distillery, Deanston Distillery, Glenturret Distillery, Tullibardine Distillery, Blair Athol Distillery and Dalwhinnie Distillery. The two distilleries we can visit are based on proximity and these tours start at base price of £550 and the types of tour/tastings you do are up to you and are charged at cost.

Lowland Whisky driving tours. he Lowland whiskies are perceived as being a bit 'gentler' in nature, lots of bourbon finish with notes of toffee, vanilla, dry grass and a smooth finish, but these distilleriers will have plenty that packs a bit more of a punch and we are seeing more sherry and wine cask finishes to their whiskies these days. For Lowland whisky distilleries we can visit a couple of distilleriers such as Glenkinchie, Lindores Abbey or Kingsbarns distilleries. As above, the tours start at £550 base price and entry to tastings/tours is extra.

if you like, we can even combine a Lowland and a Highland distillery.

We also do tours to Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay. These tours require overnight stays and prices are according to where you want to go and how long you wish to stay.



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