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Since we started back in 2012 we have grown along side some other friends in Edinburgh and if we are not free we highly recommend them:

In Scotland:

Local Eyes Tours. Chris Walker and I started up around the same time and share lots of info and love to come up with places away from the usual tourist route. His small team of passionate guides offer amazing walking and driving tours. Find out more about his company at and I highly recommend his historic coast tour.

Monarch Tours. Chris Pendleton was the first guide to work for me and he started doing photography tours, then walking tours, then driving tours. Every tour he ever did got a 5 star review and I was delighted to see him start his own company in 2019 and we still work very closely together finding new places to go and with Chris's land  Rover Discovery he loves to get well off the beaten path. Find out more about him at and I highly recommend his Edinburgh and Beyond driving tour.

Wee Scottish Tours. I first met Kevin when we were doing a cruise ship pick up and became friends with him. He offers bespoke tailor made tours as well as few regular private tours and he is always busy as he always goes above and beyond and gets amazing reviews from all over the world. I highly recommend his Lowlands driving tour

In Ireland:

Dublin Tour Guide



Our Connection - Garvan and I have been in regular contact  since 2018, as we are both our own bosses we push each other to achieve goals, send reminders and help each other to grow through shared experiences and ideas to make sure we can offer a first class service to all our customers.


Why I love what he’s doing - Garvan’s passion for Irish history and culture is second-to-none and his guide training program is intense to make sure only the best guides will ever meet a customer. However, it’s not just the amazing attention to details to history and stories that Garvan’s team passes on to their customers but their friendly attitude that makes for the best possible tour they could have in Dublin. They have over 500 reviews on TripAdvisor and 98% are 5-star!

Tour to Recommend - (Nearly!) All of Dublin in 5 hours.

“Garvan was beyond compare. He tailored our tour to our interests, always thinking one step ahead and adding in bonus adventures like a rendition of On Raglan Road in an alleyway and trying Tayto crisps with Cadbury milk chocolate. Our lunch stop was incredible. Garvan nailed it on every count- history, food, book stalls, a vintage shop in Temple Bar. His passion for Dublin is contagious and his tour guide skills just make the day the best ever. We visited 4 different cities in Ireland & UK this trip and we hired private guides in all cities. Garvan was by far the best experience. Highly recommended.” - Elle from Atlanta


Book the best tour you’ll ever have (besides ours!) with Dublin Tour Guide!


In Germany:


Tours of Berlin:

Matti Geyer

Tour Guide in Berlin und Potsdam seit 2008 - Mitglied des Bündnisses Berliner Stadtführer e.V. -

Born on the Eastern side of the Wall and growing up in a city that was growing up itself, Berlin has always held Matti's fascination, with its endless possibilities for exploration, tales to recount, and enigmatic hidden corners to uncover. In 2008, he decided to turn my passion for this captivating city into a career by becoming a tour guide. Interestingly, he was not the first in my family to pursue this line of work; his mother had previously given tours around East Berlin during the 1980s. Fortunately, times have changed, and unlike his mother, he no longer have to worry about any KGB or Stasi spies in his tour groups!

Over the years, Matti has had the pleasure of working with some of the most renowned and successful tour companies, providing guidance to visitors of all ages and from all parts of the world with regular clients including esteemed names such as Rick Steves

For hotels and experience worldwide try:

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