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Whisky tours in Edinburgh and Scotland


The tours we offer are things we are passionate about. Iconic Tours started off as a photography tour company due to my background as a travel photographer and my passion for history and showing people the most stunning places in Scotland led to walking tours in Edinburgh and St Andrews and driving tours anywhere and everywhere in Scotland and this led to Iconic Tours becoming a small team of locals who shared this passion.

Something that has long been a very big passion in my life is whisky. I worked at a whisky magazine for many years and have been lucky enough not only to visit distilleries and whisky bars all over Scotland but also throughout Japan and whisky has went from being an enjoyable tipple to something I obsess over, not just the different flavour profiles in different expressions, but the process behind it, the people involved in it and the history behind it.

With that in mind we are now offering whisky tours which I shall be conducting, taking people round whisky bars in Edinburgh on whisky walking tours and also taking people to distilleries in the Lowlands, Highlands and perhaps even further afield. On these tours you will not only learn about the history of whisky and the process by how it's made, but you'll get to sample lesser known whisky, learn how to taste it and hopefully find your own drams that you will start to obsess over.

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