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The 5 best views in Edinburgh

When you come to Edinburgh there are so many amazing sights to see, some are obvious but some others need a bit of looking.

1. Dean Village has to be one of our favourite places in town. Having lived there for a few years this was often the spot I would take my coffee to in the morning and on more than one occasion I might have had whisky there with friends. if you come down Bells Brae, take a left to Hawthornbank Lane and walk about 2 minutes to the old steel bridge and this is the view you get. It doesn't feel like you are in a city at all, stop and listen to the birds and water. It doesn't get busy on a Sunday though when the Farmers market is on in nearby Stockbridge. Try during the week if you can.


2. The view of Edinburgh Old Town reflected in water on a wall in Greyfriars Kirk. If you are in the Kirk, go down to the steps that lead to the Cowgate/Grassmarket area. It's hard to get this view without thinking outside the box, but if you have a phone or a camera take a photo in the puddles on the wall if it has been raining and you can see the layers of the Old Town.


3. The night view from Calton Hill is stunning. Many people go up and wait for sunset and then disappear, but you will see the local photographers hanging about with tripods as they know shortly after sunset the buildings light up and the views you get in the blue hour are just spectacular.


4. Circus Lane in Stockbridge. When you are in Stockbridge and head past St Stephens Street up NW Circus Place you could peer down Circus Lane from the end and not see that much, but if you head down the Lane this view soon opens up.


5. The view along Victoria Street is classic, it's said to be the inspiration behind Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and you can see why. If you are at street level walk up to the Swish T-shirt shop and then take the stairs to the left and come up to Victoria Terrace and walk along to the end near Maxies restaurant and turn back for this amazing view. It's great at night too.

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