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Tour cost:

£120 + booking fee for first person and £30pp thereafter.


We want you to see the best of Edinburgh, hear some amazing stories about our city and leave with great photos regardless of your skill level before your tour or the equipment you use. We will teach you how to get the best out of your camera or smart phone, explain everything in easy to understand language and help you "see" how to get a great photo.

* We welcome people of all levels and have catered for absolute beginners to professionals.

* As well as photography, you'll learn the background to the places we visit and the stories behind Edinburgh's colourful characters past and present.

* We'll recommend places to eat/drink and other things to do in town to avoid the usual tourist traps.

* We don't mind if you use a smart phone, compact camera or DSLR, we'll help you get amazing photos using anything.

*We keep it simple, understandable and in no time you'll be getting photos you love.

*Why choose us? We have a wealth of professional experience, our photography clients include Lonely Planet, getty images and we have been exhibited  globally. We take our experience and break it down to keep it simple, effective and easy for you to pick up and develop your own style on our fun and friendly tour.

* We recommend bringing the camera you are most comfortable with, whether it is a DSLR, mirrorless or a smartphone.

* For cameras with manual settings, we recommend a wide-medium range zoom (24-105mm range) as being the most useful but anything wider (16-35mm) or longer (70-200mm) as well as prime lenses (50mm fixed lens for example) will also be used on the session.

* If you are using a smartphone we recommend you download the "Snapseed" app before the tour. It's free and it an amazing editing tool.

* Please make sure your batteries are fully charged and have spare batteries with you.

* Please make sure you have space on your memory card/device.



These tours run daily at 9.00am and 1.00pm (with a 5pm slot available during the summer months) subject to availability.  Our private tour is tailored to suit your needs, whether you want in depth 1-on-1 instruction with your camera, just want to see the best of the city on your own, or you are already know about your camera functions and just want find the best places off the beaten track to get the best images then this is the tour for you. Where this tour goes does depend on the light, but we can get to areas you might not otherwise get to. What we see and what we can do is decided by you. Private tours are £120 for 1 person and add £30pp thereafter

When booking any tour you agree to our terms and conditions regarding refund and cancellation policy outlined in the link at the bottom of our site.

Click here for all terms and conditions:

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