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Walking Tour More Information:
We think Edinburgh is the best place in the world and we want to make you feel the same way, so our tours are not like others you will find. You will see Edinburgh with a local who knows the city inside out, is passionate about it and as well as telling you about anything from Edinburgh’s fascinating past and tales of it’s more interesting characters, we will talk about anything you want from politics, to whisky to modern culture, the interesting parts of history people can relate to and all our great festivals. This goes way beyond snippets of history and rhyming off dates, it’s a tour tailored to you and we help you see the city as we locals see it.

We can give you tours of Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh New Town or even both. each tour lasts approx 2.5 hours and if you want to do both you you can book separate times to suit your schedule.

Old Town Tour:

If it’s your first time to the city, or if you have been before but don’t know much about Edinburgh we highly recommend the Old Town Tour. You will explore old closes (alleyways) on the Royal Mile, see St Giles, Greyfriars Kirk and find out about Edinburgh castle. You will find out about people who inspired great works of fiction old and new and find out what it was like to be here 500 years ago or even living here now. You will hear about the people from Edinburgh who changed the world and you will discover a lot of cool stuff you already know about has it's roots here in Edinburgh.  This tour is easy paced, you will see a lot in a short space of time and we can rest whenever you need, we can stop for coffee, whisky or anything you like. Also, if you want to see Edinburgh from a different perspective, we can arrange access to the roof of St Giles Cathedral for £5pp.

New Town tour:

This is the tour for someone who wants to see the lesser known but perhaps most beautiful parts of Edinburgh. The grand New Town was built in the mid 1700’s to encourage great people to stay in Edinburgh and it worked, the inventors of telephones, colour photography and many medical pioneers lived here, it’s the grand alternative to the narrow streets of the Old Town, but we take you beyond the streets that most people know to lesser known but stunning places uch as Dean Village, a milling village on the water of Leith dating from the 1600’s through some of the nicest places to stay in Edinburgh such as Stockbridge where we can stop in local cafesor pubs for refreshements. There is a bit more walking here than our Old Town tour, with some small hills, but again we can stop for any kind of break.

If you want to do both tours, we can do it over one day with a lunch/dinner break in the middle or do it over separate days.


What else would you like to do in Edinburgh?


Whether you want to have high tea, visit a great local restaurant, get into the Edinburgh craft beer scene or do a whisky or gin tasting we are happy to make suggestions. We can add it into your tour, drop you off somewhere afterwards or just suggest something for you to do in your own time before or after the tour. We don't take any commissions, we just want to share the good places locals like us use. Quite often you'll find us in the same places (especially the so good).

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