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Edinburgh Castle and Old Town Walking Tour More Info:

Visit the must see sights of Edinburgh on a private tour; the Castle and the Old Town.


Start off in the heart of the Old Town, explore the main sights on the top of the Royal Mile to see some stunning buildings, learn about Edinburgh's turbulent past and fascinating characters before being taken into Edinburgh Castle where you will be shown the main sights, get the insider stories about the castle to give you a great overview and then you will be left free to explore the castle for as long as you want.


Please note that guides other than those employed by Edinburgh castle are not allowed to guide inside the rooms of the castle, but we will tell you the information before entering into these rooms.

2.5 hours hour private walking tour


Tours start at 9.00am or 1.00pm


Guiding for 1-2 People £95,1-4 people for £120 and add £25pp thereafter.


Entrance to the castle is an additional fee and we advise you book in advance and collect tickets on the day as queuing can take quite long some  days..


Tours start from the main entrance of St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile.


Your guide will be either be Emma who has worked as an official guide at Edinburgh castle for 4 years before joining us, Gillian who has been guiding Edinburgh and the castle for years, David who is self proclaimed "Castle Hunter" and spends all his free time visiting Scotland's castles or Will, the founder of iconic Tours.

Click here for all terms and conditions:
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